Toad Hole Cottage 11.55 miles (Attraction)
East Hills Café Bistro 11.73 miles (Restaurant)
Norfolk Yacht Agency, Brundall 11.76 miles (Boat Sales)
Brian Ward Marine Equipment 11.78 miles (Shop)
Yare at Brundall 11.8 miles (Pub)
Cockshoot Dyke 11.83 miles (Mooring (BA))
Brooms (Fuel) 11.9 miles (Fuel Station)
Beccles South Bank 11.92 miles (Mooring (BA))
Morrisons, Beccles 11.92 miles (Shop)
Beccles North Bank 11.93 miles (Mooring (BA))
Beccles Bypass New 11.94 miles (Bridge)
Marsh Pig Charcuterie 11.98 miles (Shop)
Rockland Staithe 11.99 miles (Mooring (BA))
Norfolk Boat Sales, Brundall 11.99 miles (Boat Sales)
Ferry Marina, Horning 12.02 miles (Marina)
Bass-online 12.03 miles (Shop)
The New Inn, Rockland 12.03 miles (Pub)
Beccles Yacht Station 12.04 miles (Marina)
The Quay 12.04 miles (Coffee/Tea Room)